Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The World Urban Forum

There is something delightfully synergetic about the fact that during the same one week of the year the World Peace Forum is in Vancouver - so is the World Urban Forum. I come from a pretty cool place obviously - a place that works - that thinks and somehow manages to implement the tools to make people's lives better. Apparently in Vancouver more people than anywhere else in North America walk to work, besides New York City.

It reminded me of watching Al Gore on Charlie Rose and his theory of the completely stupid cycle the North American consumption pattern really is - and I think he's going to have a major major impact with his film. He says the US is borrowing money from China to get oil from the most volatile region of the world so the planet can get so polluted from carbon emissions and the world will perish. And it felt so good after all those crazy years of trying to get out of making television commercials watching all the plastic toys be pulled out of boxes so they could be filmed to show children who would want to buy them and throw them in a garbage a few weeks later. And so the Paxil. My life was not supposed to be like that. It is supposed to be like it is now.

As I watch an advert for the World Urban Forum I see a group of kids from Nairobi who have come halfway around the world with black and white photos they have taken of their lives. And I am here having just come back from Nairobi where I work with kids who take pictures of their lives. This must make sense. When I think about whether there is a God or a spiritual force or something bigger and more mystical than us all - I always answer deeply and privately that yes, this is how life works because everyday so many little doors open and small visions come across my view that mean something.

Some people believe that this is happening to all of us - that you just have to be conscious enough or really super aware and eating lots of Omega 3's - if you can get yourself to this hyper conscious state it is all laid out for you just waiting. So how easy is that? Rather than fight it all and complain and commute all the way to places that don't make sense - just sit down, be quiet and let it happen.

So I will go down to the World Urban Forum tomorrow and somehow find a way to meet these kids from Nairobi and laugh at the similarities of our lives. That it is too special an opportunity to miss something like that.

I miss Africa. I miss the Africans more.

Celebration of the Week - World Refugee Day.


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