Monday, July 31, 2006

Attention Publishers

This blog is a book in progress and viewable for publishers. Please contact for more info.

After three years of trying to build a fair trade business in Africa for Africa, one thing I have learned is that there is massive public support in North America and Europe for examples of success stories. I started writing this book in response to emails, phone calls and letters I regularly receive from friends and strangers who truly want to fair trade with Africa, but don't know where to start. And after all the donations, fundraisers and charitable intentions - a very young Africa is ready to show the world what they have to offer as equal trading partners.

The bulk of the stories are written by me as a journal with creative support from the team who runs our t-shirt studio in downtown Nairobi and others who have partnered with us during the past three years. Our publishing goal is to create a revenue product for the business while offering the market a 'how-to' entertaining read on what it takes to build wealth for Africa. Kenya is primarily used in the examples because of our location but most of the stories are common throughout the continent. Every story has photographs to visualize the context. There are a few entries from kids in Sierra Leone and South Africa where we are researching our expansion as somewhat of a 'franchise' model in order to build wealth in other African nations.

If anyone wants to learn how to partner-trade with Africa - this book will give them a personal account of what's in store for them with the encouragement to believe it is possible. It is a personal journal of my own intimate struggle and passion - despite my North American privilege, opinions and ignorance - to overcome many real or fictional obstacles in order to successfully build a profitable enterprise that works to the advantage of Africa.

Please contact for more information or comments. The book will be finished in December 2006.

Cover photo - Pengilas Lepoora, SHERP Orphanage - Samburu Kenya.


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