Thursday, August 31, 2006

First USA retail order

Well it finally happened! A retail buyer from the San Francisco left me a voicemail saying 'the staff just love the shirts and want me to order them'. It's a very cool museum (The Museum of the African Diaspora) and even though his price point is too low we'll INAWEZEKANA somehow and show him what a value-added Africa is worth.

And Stephanie who brings her laptop to work who studied design and sends me emails about organizations who have grant money available. What a great thing to have the person who assists you tell you they need their own assistant - that's a good sign.

The big order of 100 shirts is done and will likely be shipped moja moja - or one by one to the buyer in Canada. Air cargo prices are even higher than last month so we'll see how well Postal Kenya and Canada Post do for us. I don't entirely know if this falls within the professional guidebook of apparel retail but it certainly will be special for the office to receive 100 brown envelopes over the course of a few weeks. Small business 101 - do whatever it takes no matter what to survive. If the front door's locked go to the back. If the back door's locked - crawl in a window.

Everyone in the studio did such an amazing job I think I'll have to find another office to work in so I don't get in the way of a good thing. And if my Kenya Airways flight crashes into the Sahara Desert next week I will leave this world knowing my dream of building wealth for Africa has come true.

Moja Moja - flying t-shirts over the pole across the globe.


Blogger adjulcru said...

susan, i continue to be extremely impressed with all that you are doing. i had sent you an email about a month ago regarding similiar activities that i am conducting in nairobi, and requesting some advice and guidance, and really, more than anything else, someone in a similiar situation to bond with a little. i don't know if my email went through. anyway, my email is I have almost accidently started the beginnings of a potentially successful non-profit venture that involves selling massai crafts in the us. my unique twist is that they are massai hiv/aids awareness bracelets, made by local massai in the ngando slum village. i haven't even really tried to sell these things, and have raised $2000 in a matter of a month; again, this is without trying. i really think i could benifit from talking further with you. hope to hear from you! adam

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