Saturday, August 19, 2006

Retail Prefab

Besides kids, Africa and photography one of my biggest passions is architecture. I will never be an architect or even understand how a structural entity can erectify and endure but I do know when something speaks of an idea that is soulful - why humans feel the need to create beautiful buildings in the first place. My father is a builder so standing in the middle of framing and sawdust and exposed plumbing is the rec room I grew up in as a little girl. My first brownie badge that I sewed on the arm of my brown cotton tunic was a tiny brown square with an embroidered hammer and saw.

I wonder what people would think if this found itself on the streets of Nairobi? The Africans would love it! And the Commercial Bank of Africa? We'll see I guess when they get our loan application - FUNDS USED FOR: to build the most beautiful art gallery in the world. COLLATERAL: 1.5 million kids who need to go to school. That's got to be perceived as an investment for the future. That's got to be some sort of real world asset that no one could take away from us if we stumble and fall, make mistakes as we struggle to SHINDA.

Marmol Radziner, PREFAB desert house


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